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Introducing How to Read Soroban Beads 1 to 1,000 by a Turbo Soroban This “Turbo Soroban” is invented to sharpen children’s mental arithmetic ability.   Introducing How to Use a Teacher’s 100-bead Abacus ?This abacus is an excellent tool to boost children’s number sense.   a 4-year Old Boy Calculates 1-digit Addition and Subtraction on a Soroban
How to Display Numbers on a Soroban. ?e.g. 15, ?27, ?104, ?259, ?9,999.   Calculating 2-digit Addition and Subtraction Problem   Showing 1 to 10 on a Soroban
a 9-year Old Boy Calculates 2-digit Basic Problems by Mental Arithmetic   The “Soroban Immersion Program” Directed by Ms. Fujimoto at a Public Elementary School at Tokyo, Japan ?Part 1   How to Use a Teacher’s 100-bead Abacus in Japanese
Making a Soroban with Great Craft ! ?Each wood soroban is built by craftsmanship with the greatest care one by one.   a Soroban Lesson in Senior Class at Tokyo, Japan Using fingers to calculate a soroban stimulates each person’s brains. Soroban is one of the effective tools to keep seniors’ brains young.   The “Soroban Immersion Program” directed by Ms. Fujimoto at a Public? ??Elementary School at Tokyo, Japan ?Part 2? This news was broadcasted on TV at channel 5 in Tokyo.
Soroban Lessons at an Elementary School in Hungary Ms. Markarian who speaks Esperanto introduced soroban for years in Hungary. As a result, there are schools in Hungary teaching soroban from the first grade students at mathematics class.   The 2010 NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Annual meeting and Exposition was held from April 21 to 24 in San Diego, CA, U.S.A.    Ms. Tomoe Fujimoto and Hiroo Kodama performed a soroban workshop for 90 minutes on April 23. The participants who are Mathematics teachers all over the U.S. acquired basic skills of using soroban as well as the mental arithmetic.    The "Jamaica" has 2 black dice and 5 white dice.